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Missions Organizations

Missions OrganizationAs Christianity declines in the West, the amount of money given to missions organizations (see below) is also declining.

Which missions organizations are getting the money?

Today, the money for missions flows to the missions organizations that are the largest, have the largest fundraising budgets, employ the savviest fundraisers and even pay them the highest commissions, and beg for money the loudest.

This page attempts to help change that narrative, so that money for missions will flow to the missions organizations that are the most Biblical, honest, efficient, God-trusting and led by servant leaders. This is in response to the long-term supporters of some well-known but recently exposed missions organizations, including Gospel for Asia and Voice of the Martyrs, who asked us which missions organization they should now support.

The missions organizations below are rated based on the following criteria:

  1. Does the missions organization share the True Gospel and Bibles or those that have been altered to appease (trans-)gender groups, Muslims or other religions?
  2. Does the missions organization have an efficient model for using God's money?
  3. To raise funds, does the missions organization beg God or people?
  4. Does the missions organization tell the truth or (obsolete) exaggerations?
  5. Do the leaders of the missions organization live as those whom they lead?

For details about each organization, please click on their name or rating. If you have new information about any of them or wish to refer other organizations for inclusion, please feel free to advise. May a day come when all missions organizations can be rated five stars.

HeartCry Missionary Society   
Wycliffe Associates 
Open Doors   
International Mission Board   
China Outreach Ministries   
Global Media Outreach   
Wycliffe Bible Translators   
Voice Of The Martyrs   
Bible League   
Ethnos360 / New Tribes Mission  
Gospel For Asia