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Missionary OrganizationsMany well-known missionary organizations and some less well-known missionary organizations are rated below on a 5-star scale. The well-known missionary organizations tend to be large, pay high commissions to fundraisers, and take in the bulk of God's money intended for the mission field. But as you can see, most of them rate poorly for misuse or inefficient use of the funds raised, unbiblical fundraising tactics, promoting heresies, and/or covering up sexual abuses (the rating criteria are further below). But there are a few missionary organizations that remain faithful to Jesus. For details on each missionary organization, click on their rating or name. The time left to evangelize the world is extremely short.

Galcom International  Galcom International

Free Burma Rangers  Free Burma Rangers

HeartCry	Missionary Society  HeartCry Missionary Society

China Outreach Ministries  China Outreach Ministries

International Mission Board  International Mission Board

Wycliffe Associates  Wycliffe Associates

Bible League  Samaritan's Purse

Bible League  Bible League

Cru  Cru

Global Media Outreach  Global Media Outreach

International Christian Concern  International Christian Concern

Open Doors With Brother Andrew  Open Doors With Brother Andrew

Voice Of The Martyrs  Voice Of The Martyrs

Wycliffe Bible Translators  Wycliffe Bible Translators


YWAM  All Things Possible Ministries

Ethnos360 - New Tribes Mission  Ethnos360 / New Tribes Mission

Gospel For Asia - GFA World  Gospel For Asia

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries  Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

SAT-7  SAT-7

The ratings above are based on the following criteria:

1.  Does the missionary organization share the true Gospel and Bibles or those that have been altered to appease homosexuals, Muslims, Hindus or other religions?

2.  To raise funds, does the missionary organization beg God or people, and does it tell the truth or lie to donors?

3.  Does the missionary organization use God's money efficiently?

4.  Does the missionary organization cover up or honestly deal with (sexual) abuse?

5.  Do the leaders of the missionary organization live as those they lead and truly serve persecuted Christians or use them as advertisements to fund their own exorbitant salaries?

If you have new information about any of the missionary organizations above or wish to refer other organizations, feel free to advise and include what you know about them.

Update: Another organization that deserves a 5-star rating has come to light but security reasons preclude publicizing its name (its initials are WP). If you are a Christian who wishes to support missions and learn about this organization, also feel free to advise.