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Global Christian Relief"Global Christian Relief" is the name that David Curry (photo) painted over Open Doors USA after stealing it from Open Doors International to turn it into his personal piggybank. David Curry claims that Global Christian Relief provides relief to persecuted Christians. As detailed below, the relief that Global Christian Relief provides is to Christian donors of their money so that it can enrich Curry and his cronies.


1.  Cunning patience

David Curry knew that if he tried to steal Open Doors USA from Open Doors International (ODI) while Brother Andrew was still alive, even a one sentence statement from Brother Andrew to the effect, "David Curry is trying to steal Open Doors USA away from Open Doors International" would have ruined his plot. So he waited until Brother Andrew died on September 27, 2022, and then made his move on January 1, 2023. How Curry stole Open Doors USA, including more than $30 million collected in the name of "Open Doors With Brother Andrew" and is now claiming that they belong to his Global Christian Relief are detailed here.

2.  Fine tastes

Brother Andrew smuggled Bibles across eastern Europe in a cheap, used Volkswagen Beetle (photo). David Curry drives himself across southern California in high-end models of new BMW and Audi cars, courtesy of the exorbitant annual car allowance that he gives himself from the donations collected for the world's most persecuted Christians. And when he flies, Curry often spends 600% to 800% or 200% to 400% more of those donations to fly First Class or Business Class, respectively, instead of Economy Class.

3.  Nocturnal privacy

David Curry's staff also report that when they travel together, Curry insists on staying not just in a better hotel room than theirs but in a better room at a hotel, often 5-stars, that is different from the hotel where the rest of them stay. This distant lodging arrangement complicates the coordination of their movement during the day, but it does protect Curry's privacy from his own staff thereafter.


4.  Unconscionable salaries & bonuses

As highlighted below, David Curry and his top aides Tim Muret and Michael Wong took for themselves more money (source) in 2019 than was earned by the Governor of California, whose $210,000 annual salary makes him the highest-paid Governor in USA. Their current salaries at Global Christian Relief are even higher (see further below).

      Title Took in 2019
David Curry     Chief Executive Officer $306,100
Tim Muret     Chief Communications Officer $245,644
Michael Wong     Chief Financial Officer $228,665
Jeff Taylor     Chief of Staff $188,041
Brian Orme     Senior Director of Content $177,412
Jesse Teasley     Senior Director of IT $175,642
Sasha Tyan     Director FP&A $151,445
Jonathan Huang     Creative Director $144,349
Sally Rae     Secretary/Executive Assistant $103,387
Global Christian Relief
(Left to right: David Curry, Tim Muret, Michael Wong, Moses Masitha)

From the donations collected for persecuted Christians, David Curry also showered his staff at their headquarters in California with $10,000 "Christmas bonuses" in late 2022, lest any of them develop a bout of conscience and get cold feet about joining him in betraying the donors, Brother Andrew's legacy, Open Doors International and its field operations.

Following that betrayal, freed from the scrutiny of Open Doors International, and flush with more than $30 million of looted cash, Curry has boosted his own pay package at Global Christian Relief to $500,000 and those of his top aides by six figures.

5.  Ties to money override sexual assaults

David Curry hired Moses Masitha (photo above) as Open Doors USA's Director of Donor Relations, well aware of his sexual assaults but also ties to a megachurch donor base. Moses Masitha is now Director of Donor Relations at Global Christian Relief.

6.  Most of the donations collected don't leave USA

As shown below, 58% of all donations Curry collected in 2020 while at Open Doors USA was spent in USA (source). That percentage is even higher now at Global Christian Relief but not as high as it was in 2021 and 2022 when Curry was preparing to steal Open Doors USA from Open Doors International and transferred to Open Doors International very little of the donations collected in USA.

Fundraising $3,713,869 13%
Administration $2,895,231 10%
Research & Advocacy $976,128 3%
Public Awareness in Free World $9,216,553 32%
Subtotal Free World (USA) $16,801,781 58%
Bible & Literature Distribution $2,631,205 9%
Socio-economic Development $4,772,527 17%
Training $4,605,635 16%
Subtotal Persecuted Christians $12,009,367 42%
TOTAL $28,811,148 100%

 7.  A board of money

The About Us page of Global Christian Relief's website lists seven board directors besides David Curry - Bruce Dingman, Francesca Fajinmi, Tim Kachuriak, Michelle Norman, Roger Spoelman, Daisy Szabo and Justin Tabb - without presenting any information about them. Bruce Dingman is a corporate headhunter, Francesca Fajinmi is a corporate financier, Tim Kachuriak is a corporate fundraiser, Roger Spoelman and Daisy Szabo are corporate executives, and Justin Tabb runs a one-page crypto currency website. All of them have expertise in money, none in ministry or missions.

8.  Habitual deception

In his 2013 Open Doors USA appointment announcement, David Curry claimed to have "served as CEO and president at Christian organizations that serve ... neglected children in several countries, including India and Peru" (source). In reality, he had run "Foundation for Grace, an organization which provided leadership and management training to non-profit groups" (source), which is at least one step removed from having served "neglected children" anywhere, let alone in "India and Peru."

David Curry's highest earned degree is a bachelor's, yet he habitually signs his name as "Dr" David Curry (boxed in red below). In 2020, he stopped filing IRS Form 990 to hide how much of the donations generated by filling his marketing materials with stories and images of suffering Christians he was actually keeping for himself. In 2023, he committed forgery by altering the title under his signature in Open Doors USA's Annual Report for 2021 - when Global Christian Relief did not yet exist - from "CEO Open Doors USA" to "CEO Global Christian Relief" (boxed in red below), and having it posted on the Annual Report page of Global Christian Relief's website:

Global Christian Relief

He founded Global Christian Relief in 2023 yet claims that it is 50 years old (boxed in red below) on its YouTube channel, whose introductory video ends, as also boxed in red below, with 1 John 3:16, "... we ought to lay down our lives for the brothers and sisters," which Curry heeds by laying down fully horizontal on his First Class flights:

Global Christian Relief

Curry claimed on that he founded Global Christian Relief because "... we need a thousand ... ministries" like his. We need thousands of self-proclaimed Christians to get saved and support missionary work, but we do not need a thousand David Currys misusing the donations collected for the world's most persecuted Christians to instead drive around in shiny new BMW cars, fly around First Class, stay in 5-star hotels, and collectively keep for themselves $500 million (1,000 x $500,000) every year.


1.  Do not give any money to Global Christian Relief.

2.  Global Christian Relief should return all assets to Open Doors US and then shut down.

3.  If it doesn't, Open Doors US should help the donors to Open Doors USA collectively sue David Curry and the others named above to return the $30+ million that was collected from them for Open Doors but diverted to Global Christian Relief, and pay punitive damages for fraud.

4.  Refer Curry's forgery of an Annual Report - an official document - to appropriate legal authorities for criminal prosecution.

5.  Call (202) 225-3121, ask to speak with the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, and tell him to remove Curry from the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) so that he stops calling himself its Commissioner to dupe more Christian donors.

Visitor Emails

"For a number of years, I had a very intimate view of the goings on at what is now Global Christian Relief. David Curry did grow the income of what is now Global Christian Relief, but increasingly handed over less and less of it to Open Doors International. Most [of the other national chapters of Open Doors] hand over more than 65% of the income they collect to Open Doors International. David Curry was handing over 25% of the unrestricted gifts and effectively lying to donors in the annual reports by claiming the money was spent to educate the churches in the US. David Curry has no regard for persecuted Christians. He sees their plight as an income generator and even violates the secrecy that is designed to protect believers to raise funds that won't ever make it to the persecuted church. Global Christian Relief also raised funds for bibles that just did not exist, but built in an unrestricted disclaimer to every donation to allow funds to be misdirected. Even now the lies continue. Global Christian Relief website claims to support work in countries that it does not, even in countries that are subject to US sanctions with clear restrictions that Global Christian Relief does not meet. Look careful at the language in the Global Christian Relief website. It is vague about the work and clear on their right to redirect funds. Do not give to Global Christian Relief. Do not fund a first class lifestyle for a con artist."

"Sirs, I recently came across your web site and saw the messaging about a variety of ministries that "apostasy has leavened even once faithful missionary groups" such as Open Doors... I was very close to the situation that unfolded at Global Christian Relief, for example, and, sadly, also agree with your perspective there (e.g., David Curry). Many of their staff resigned in protest. I also know how hard the various leaders at ODI prayed and tried to seek God's will in the "disaffiliation" (I think that's what it's called). Sadly, GCR's American attorneys blocked virtually every step ODI could take (and not much ODI could do, but set up a new entity)... I know things I shouldn't about this situation that disgust me even more... I want to be faithful, discerning of God's will, and serve out of compassion to build God's kingdom. I'm too focused to attempt to bring harm to others. We are all sinners, and I know that goes for me too. But these (noted above) are moral/Christian failings that need to be aired."