Ravi Zacharias International Ministries


RZIMMany years ago, when Ravi Zacharias began to gain attention, his website received a brief visit that started and ended on its home page, according to which the world's greatest minds and academic institutions were united in their awe of the brilliance of Ravi Zacharias. As Satan exemplified, things don't tend to end well for the proud who start out serving God, so Ravi Zacharias was largely ignored thereafter.

A few months after Ravi Zacharias died in 2020, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) confirmed that Ravi Zacharias had been sexually abusing and even raping women, sometimes just after praying with them, and then paying them off using donations collected by RZIM. A Christian ministry founded by and named after a serial rapist should not exist, so awaited next was news of RZIM's dissolution and closure.

On March of 2021, RZIM CEO Sarah Davis (photo) announced that RZIM will change its name and turn into a grant-making organization which fundraises and then makes grants to organizations that care for victims of sexual abuse and ministries that work in apologetics, prompting this webpage.

Why is RZIM's announcement preposterous?

It has come to light that at least since 2008, whenever people, including RZIM members, reported Ravi Zacharias committing sexual sins (e.g., demanding nude photos, proposing phone sex, groping, masturbating, requesting or forcing sex during massages, etc.), RZIM pressured, threatened and/or bribed the victims into silence. Now that RZIM has been exposed as having covered up and enabled Ravi Zacharias to prey upon, sexually abuse and rape women for over a decade, it wants people who care about victims of sexual abuse to funnel their donations to it - RZIM - so that RZIM can, after taking a cut of the donations to pay itself exorbitant salaries (see below), choose the organization to help?

Who is Sarah Davis?

Sarah Zacharias Davis is the older daughter of Ravi Zacharias who, four years out of college, left her entry-level position of Marketing Assistant at a secular company in 2001 to become the Vice President of Marketing at RZIM, a lucrative position she held until 2009. She became RZIM's Global Executive Director in 2011, then CEO in 2019.

Why doesn't she want to shut down RZIM?

RZIM stopped disclosing staff salaries after 2014. Its 2014 salaries included the following:

  Ravi's Title 2014 Salary 2021 Equivalent
Ravi Zacharias   Chairman & CEO $365,315 $412,100
Margie Zacharias Wife Vice Chair of Ministry $158,611 $178,923
Sarah Davis Daughter Global Exec. Director $216,037 $243,704
Naomi Zacharias Daughter Vice President $148,288 $167,279
Total   $888,251 $1,002,006

As you can see, Ravi Zacharias, his wife and two daughters collectively paid themselves over $1 million, inflation adjusted, from RZIM annually. After RZIM's own investigators confirmed Ravi Zacharias's sexual sins, his widow sent out an email still denying them and complaining about having to move out of their home that RZIM previously had "promised" her she could live in for the rest of her life. RZIM also reimbursed Ravi Zacharias for the 256 nights (more than 8 months) that he spent from 2010 to 2014 at an apartment in Bangkok, Thailand to get sexual massages from his private masseuse, who was housed in another apartment in the same building. Therefore, in addition to the salaries above, RZIM also paid for the house where Ravi lived with his wife, the apartment where he committed adultery, as well as to silence Ravi's victims. RZIM has been a golden goose for the Zacharias family, and they want it to keep laying eggs.


Sell all assets, return all proceeds to donors, and shut down RZIM. If God wants their donations to go to apologetics ministries, He will choose faithful servants to receive them.

"The name of God is blasphemed among the gentiles because of you" (Rom 2:24).