HeartCry Missionary Society


HeartCryPaul Washer founded HeartCry Missionary Society ("HeartCry") in 1988 during his 10 years spent as a missionary in the jungles of Peru.

HeartCry supports indigenous missionaries* in Africa, Asia, Eurasia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. HeartCry missionaries currently serve in Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Lebanon, Israel, Peru, Argentina and 26 other countries.


For the money needed to send one Western missionary (family) to the developing world, HeartCry can support about 40 indigenous missionaries who are already in the field and who require neither language training nor cross-cultural training nor furloughs. HeartCry's indigenous missionaries also do not import denominationalism or prosperity false gospel from the West. The table below compares HeartCry's support for indigenous missionaries with the traditional model of sending and supporting Western missionaries.

Missionary       Indigenous 1   Westerner
Monthly cost       $150 2   $5,833 ($70,000 / year)
Fielded / $5,833       39   1
In the field       Already   After funding
Language training       None  Full time first year, then years
Cultural adaptation       None   Years
Culturally stressed       Nobody   Missionary, spouse & children
Theology       True Gospel   Typically wealth & prosperity
Furloughs       None  Every 4 years
In the field after 4 years       Almost all   Less than 50%

HeartCry relies entirely on the Lord for provision and neither fundraises nor incurs debt: "Every need of this ministry will be obtained through prayer. We may share our missionary vision with others and even make known to them the specific tasks that the Lord has laid on our hearts to do, but we may not raise support through prodding or manipulating our brothers and sisters in Christ. If this ministry is of the Lord, then He will be our Patron. If He is with us, He will direct His people to give, and we will prosper. If He is not with us, we will not and should not succeed... We will never enlarge or sustain this ministry by contracting debts. This is contrary to both the letter and the spirit of the New Testament. In secret prayer and God helping us, we will carry the needs of this ministry to the Lord and act according to the direction that He gives."

Instead of giving, HeartCry sells Bibles for this stated reason: "We sell our Bibles at a discount rate rather than giving them away for free. We take great pains to insure that no genuine believer leaves without a Bible, but we do require that something of value be given. We have given Scripture in return for chickens, fish, coffee beans, etc. By purchasing the Bible instead of receiving it as charity, the believer’s personal dignity and sense of responsibility remain intact. The believer’s offering is used to purchase more Bibles for other believers."


As Paul Washer has become well known, some have leveled charges against his theology. The charges have been investigated and found to be baseless. Paul Washer preaches the True Gospel.

As of March 2018, HeartCry's website lists 255 as the number of indigenous missionaries it supports around the world. Average monthly support of $150 for each of them would represent $459,000 in total annual support donations received.


Donations to HeartCry should rise significantly.** If it were to rise to International Mission Board's $278,755,000, HeartCry would be able to support 155,000 missionaries.

The operating principles and practices of HeartCry are refreshingly Biblical and should be considered by both individuals and groups seeking to serve Jesus His way.

* Born, raised and serve in the same country (e.g., a native Peruvian who serves in Peru).

** This statement is made based on merit. While other missions organizations also support indigenous missionaries and some are as efficient as HeartCry, HeartCry has the most Biblical theology. BillionBibles.com is neither affiliated with nor receives anything from HeartCry.