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All Things Possible Ministries describes itself as "a faith-based organization that works on a global scale to identify and restore victims of trauma from abuse and its damaging effects to free people from their suffering and interrupt the cycle of abuse for future generations":

All Things Possible Ministries

All Things Possible Ministries gives toys to children, feminine hygiene products to women in refugee camps, money for surgery to children who have deformities, materials to U.S. military veterans suffering from PTSD, and operates a home in Cambodia for sexually abused women (source). All Things Possible Ministries was founded in 2005 by Victor Marx, a U.S. Marine and martial art expert.


Victor Marx has and promotes his personal story of surviving early childhood sexual abuse.


1.  Only 11.9% of the donations collected is spent on the programs mentioned above.

All Things Possible Ministries collected $3,470,727 of donations in 2020 but spent only $412,006 (11.9%) of it on "Program Expenses" and "Donations" - i.e., the money donated by All Things Possible Ministries to the recipients of its programs (source):

2020 Revenues $3,470,727 Of Revenues
Salaries to Americans $717,244 20.7%
Travel $106,358 3.1%
Advertising $188,924 5.4%
Office & Occupancy $142,789 4.1%
Depreciation & Amortization $  60,930 1.8%
Banking Fees $  53,675 1.5%
Accounting & Legal $  27,259 0.8%
IT $    4,400 0.1%
"Other Fees for Services" $278,357 8.0%
"Outside Services" $107,879 3.1%
"Other (Non-Program) Expenses" $148,771 4.3%
Total Non-Program Expenses $1,836,586 52.9%
Program Expenses & Donations $412,006 11.9%
Unspent Cash $1,222,135 35.2%

2.  More than 88.9% of the donations collected stay in USA.

Most of the photos in the All Things Possible Ministries' Annual Report show foreigners in developing countries and give the impression that most of the donations collected are reaching them. Since the 11.9% of the donations that is spent on "Program Expenses & Donations" above includes the money spent on materials for U.S. military veterans suffering from PTSD, the proportion of the collected donations that is spent outside USA is even lower.

3.  50% of the donations collected remain unaccounted.

As highlighted above, 35.2% of the donations collected in 2020 was unspent, while another 15.4% was claimed to have been spent on "Other Fees for Services," "Outside Services," and "Other Expenses" (source). All Things Possible Ministries has yet to reply to questions (see below) on what exactly it means by these terms and to disclose, in light of the concerns raised below, if any of the $1,757,142 ($278,357 + $107,879 + $148,771 + $1,222,135) was received by its CEO or any entity associated with him or his family.

4.  The CEO takes an exorbitant salary.

In 2020, Victor Marx, the "Founder, Chairman, CEO and President" of All Things Possible Ministries whose website domain name - - is his name, took for himself from the donations collected for the victims of abuse and trauma $202,939 and paid his wife another $82,378, bringing the total to $285,317 (source), which is more than triple the $92,700 annual salary of the Governor of Colorado, where All Things Possible Ministries is located.

5.  The CEO pursues and takes lucrative side jobs.

All Things Possible MinistriesVictor Marx has another website - - in which he describes himself as a weapons expert, a martial art expert, an "In-demand keynote speaker" (image), and markets his availability for weapons training, martial arts training, and keynote speaking, which typically earns a thousand dollars or more per speech; an "In-demand" keynote speaker earns even more and makes many such speeches.

Since none of his income from teaching martial arts, weapons training or making keynote speeches is reported as revenues for All Things Possible Ministries (source), all of it is being kept by Victor Marx, who reported to the IRS (source) that he already works for All Things Possible Ministries "50.00" hours per week, which equates to six 8-hour work days plus two hours on Sunday.

6.  Its website and annual report present no financial information.

All Things Possible MinistriesNon-profit organizations, including ministries, that seek donations should present financial details on how donations are being spent. All Things Possible Ministries' website has no financial information. There are declarations of its tax exempt status (image) on all of its webpages, but the weblinks next to them are to its privacy policy, not to its financial information. Its website does have an annual report but there is no weblink to it, so few can find it, and there is no financial information in its annual report. All of the financial information presented above is from its Form 990 that all non-profit organizations like All Things Possible Ministries are legally required to file with the IRS but which very few donors access.

7.  Its remedies are inadequate for its stated objectives.

Giving toys, feminine hygiene products, shelter and other materials to victims of sexual, childhood and/or war trauma and abuse may help them physically for a time, as well as create photo opportunities, but they are woefully inadequate to "restore victims of trauma from abuse and its damaging effects to free people from their suffering and interrupt the cycle of abuse for future generations." Such restoration, freedom and interruption require dedicated Christians and Christian clinical counselors to minister to such victims individually for many years through clinical talk therapy sessions, intensive Bible studies and prayers, and even casting demons out of them.

8.  The CEO promotes the occult.

In the video clip below, All Things Possible Ministries CEO Victor Marx declares to an audience of mostly young people, "I like martial arts. I like all the martial arts, don't y'all? I like 'em all":

Victor Marx, who claims to hold 7th degree black belts in two martial arts, knows that the seemingly supernatural strength displayed by martial arts, especially at his level, originates from the occult, which is Satanic:

All Things Possible Ministries

All Things Possible Ministries was repeatedly emailed in 2022, including as below on December 26:


Your website states that for a $100 donation, 2,000 people are reached with the Gospel. A few questions please:

1. What exactly do you do to reach 1 person for just 5 cents?

2. How many people did you reach with the Gospel in 2021?

3. What exactly is the "Gospel" with which you are reaching them?

Your 2020 IRS Form 990 lists expenditures of $278,357 for Other Fees for Services, $107,879 for Outside Services, and $148,771 for Other Expenses.

4. Were any of these expenditures received by your CEO or any entity associated with him or a member of his family, and if so, how much was received?

5. What exactly does the $278,357 for "Other Fees for Services" include?

6. What exactly does the $107,879 for "Outside Services" include?

7. What exactly does the $148,771 for "Other Expenses" include?

8. What was done with the $1,222,135 of the donations unspent in 2020?

9. How much money did your CEO receive in 2020 for teaching martial arts, teaching weapons training, and making speeches as he promotes on, and on average how many hours per week did he engage in these activities?

10. Why does your annual report have no financial information?

11. Why does your website have no link to your annual report?

12. In, why does your CEO promote martial arts, which originates from the occult, which is Satanic?

Thank you in advance for your responses.

All Things Possible Ministries has yet to respond.


To honor God, who enabled overcoming childhood sexual abuse, the CEO of All Things Possible Ministries should collect and spend God's money faithfully, and transparently report having done so. Until then, support Free Burma Rangers instead.