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Global Media OutreachGlobal Media Outreach is an entirely web-based international evangelism ministry. Global Media Outreach was launched in 2004 by Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC), which was renamed, "Cru" in 2011.

Global Media Outreach has created dozens of websites that present its message and invite visitors to email to ask questions and/or to receive Jesus. Their emails are then directed to volunteers who answer them and/or pray for their writers.

Global Media Outreach partners with churches and Christian groups, including Joni and Friends International Disabilities Center, turning Christians with physical disabilities into international missionaries who can reach people in the farthest corners of the world.


Global Media Outreach demonstrates the internet as a powerful, low-cost tool that can penetrate every country in the world and turn every Christian in the world into an international missionary.


The thrust of the message in the myriad websites created by Global Media Outreach deviate from the True Gospel. Instead, they push the "Four Spiritual Laws" created by Bill Bright, the founder of Cru, and lead visitors to quickly say a prayer to get saved.

What is wrong with the sinner's prayer?

Sinners can pray to ask Jesus to save them and pray to thank Jesus for saving them, but the prayer itself does not save. Salvation is an act and a gift of God, not an act of man. Global Media Outreach, Cru and other ministries conferring salvation upon a prayer is as unbiblical as the Roman Catholics conferring salvation upon infant baptism, found nowhere in the Bible.

What is wrong with the Four Spiritual Laws?