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Biblia GlobalFounded in 2014, Biblia Global is a highly efficient, all-volunteer ministry that prints and delivers Bibles to the world's hardest-to-reach pastors and other Christians.


1.  Biblia Global serves the world's poorest and most remote Christians

Recipients of the 242,687 Bibles that Biblia Global printed and delivered from 2019 to 2023 include Akha, Chin, Hmong, Kachin, Sqaw Karen, and L Tribe pastors and other Christians in remote regions of southeast Asia, as well as seminary students in Myanmar.

2.  All staff and board members of Biblia Global serve as unpaid volunteers 

When asked if he foresees the need for salaried positions as Biblia Global grows, its founder, who conceived Biblia Global while at seminary and launched it two years after graduation, replied, "All of the volunteers and board members of our organization have outside employment that pays their bills and salary needs," and added, "Lord willing, we plan on remaining an all volunteer organization that does not pay any salaries."

3.  Biblia Global has no office

Biblia Global operates out of homes.

4.  Biblia Global is exceptionally efficient

Foregoing salaries and office and keeping all other administrative costs low make Biblia Global exceptionally efficient. As summarized below from its annual reports (click on the year for details), just 2-3% of all funds received by Biblia Global is spent on administrative overhead, which is only about $300 per month, while an exemplary 97-98% of all funds received flow directly to printing and delivering Bibles:

  2023 2022 2021 2020 2019
Bibles for Asia $  63,850 $  82,114 $  3,253 $  79,303 $  79,425
Bibles for China $  12,000 $  43,500 $38,000 $  40,006 $  26,858
Bible Distribution $  34,012 $  25,552 $  2,300 $    1,899 $  42,189
Subtotal Bible $109,862 $151,166 $43,553 $121,208 $148,472
Overhead $    3,898 $    3,620 $  2,874 $    3,292 $    3,485
Overhead/Month $       325 $       302 $     240 $       274 $       290
Total Cost $113,760 $154,786 $46,427 $124,500 $151,957
Bible/Total Cost         97%         98%       94%         97%          98%
Total Income $149,200 $120,299 $85,654 $107,371 $156,957
Surplus or Deficit $  35,440 $  34,487 $39,227 $  17,129 $    5,000
BIBLES FOR: 2023 2022 2021 2020 2019
Akha 30,000 10,000      1,200
Chin 17,776 15,000     4,425  
L Tribe   4,265          2      
Chinese   4,080 14,500 21,111 22,278 18,760
Myanmese      449      700      
Hmong      384      922   1,349        280
Sqaw Karen      160   5,000   20,000 23,545
Kachin          5,000  20,000
Lao              885
In the West          570         71        15
Total Bibles 57,114 46,124 23,030 51,774 64,645
Tot. Cost/Bibles $1.99 $3.36 $2.01 $2.40 $2.35

Biblia Global states on its website that the cost to print and deliver a Bible ranges from $4.50 to $14.00. When asked to explain the discrepancy between that range and the significantly lower average cost per Bible above, its founder replied:

"The average cost to print and ship a Bible is the range mentioned, $4.50 - $14.50. That is the cost to print and ship a Bible from press to believers hands. Sometimes the Bibles have already been printed by others but can't/wont pay for shipping and the Bibles are just sitting in a warehouse. We simply need to pay for the shipping and transportation. That can be $0.25 - $1.00 Bible. So, in any given year, we may pay for printing and shipping of some Bibles, and just shipping for other Bibles that have already been printed and paid for, but are sitting in a warehouse somewhere, thus, arriving at the averages that you calculated."

5.  Biblia Global does not solicit money

When asked, "Besides sending newsletters, what else do you do to raise funds?" the founder of Biblia Global replied:

"Besides our newsletter, how do we raise funds? By prayer. We present the need to the Lord and the Lord moves in peoples hearts to give. We don't actively fund raise, cold call or ask for money. God truly moves in peoples hearts, and they donate as the Lord moves in their hearts."

6.  Biblia Global is theologically sound

7.  Biblia Global does not push an extra-Biblial theology

When asked to explain the nature of the "theological materials" that it distributes with Bibles to some Christians and pastors, the founder of Biblia Global replied, "Theological material = material a church requests outside a Bible like a hymnal, or study aids like Greek/Hebrew dictionaries, concordance, or Bible dictionary."


Some information on Biblia Global's website is outdated, which compromises the credibility of its information that is current. For example, its claim of a Bible shortage in China has been outdated for over a decade, as Chinese Christians who still request money or free Bibles from Western Christians can buy them for about $2, the price of a bowl of noodles, at 60,000 Three Self Churches across China.

To its credit, Biblia Global in 2023 all but shut down its Bibles for China program, which can be restarted when the Chinese Communist Party begins to distribute counterfeit Bibles, which it is in the process of "Sinicizing" - i.e., "re-translating" to replace the deity of Jesus with the worship of the Chinese Communist Party.


1.  Far more funds should be (re)directed to Biblia Global, whose strengths above should be emulated by other missionary organizations.

2.  If Biblia Global's growth eventually requires full time staffing and even an office, a few wealthy supporters should anonymously (so as to not have undue influence) cover 100% of the salaries and rent so that 97-100% of the funds received from everyone else can continue to flow directly to printing and distributing Bibles.

3.  Biblia Global today harkens back to the early days of Open Doors and Voice of the Martyrs, long before they were infiltrated and taken over by wolves in sheep's clothing and hirelings. Pray for the Lord to protect Biblia Global from such infiltration, as well as from other attacks of the enemy. Should any such infiltration be detected, please advise.