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World Missions Today

World MissionsIf you are a missionary, considering becoming a missionary, looking for ways to qualify the missionaries and missionary organizations that ask you for money, or have a general interest in world missions, including the latest developments, welcome.

Ever since the Holy Spirit blocked Paul from turning east into "Bithynia" (Acts 16:7) and gave him the vision of a Macedonian telling him to "come" (Acts 16:9) westward, the thrust of the Lord's harvest around the world has pushed largely westward, from the Middle East to Europe to America to Asia and now back to the Middle East. Along the way, every nation that turned to God prospered, and at the height of their prosperity, every one of them, starting with Israel, turned away from God, and declined morally, socially, spiritually.

Europe is a spiritual wasteland today, America is following suit, and the apostasy in both has leavened even once faithful missionary organizations, including YWAM, Cru, Voice of the MartyrsOpen Doors, International Mission Board, Wycliffe Bible Translators, Wycliffe Associates, Ethnos360 / New Tribes Mission, and Gospel For Asia (for the few that remain faithful to Christ and His Gospel, see missionary organizations).

In China, the world's largest mission field, persecution of Christians is intensifying as the Chinese Communist Party uses artificial intelligence, big data and brute-force against the underground church and even the Three Self church in its bid to suffocate Christianity in China while infiltrating the West via CSSA and Confucius Institute.

Reaching generation Z with the Gospel is a priority in America, where persecution is also gaining momentum, as evidenced by the reactions to the recent martyrdom of John Allen Chau and termination of Peter Vlaming. Visitor questions and comments are welcome.