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GalcomGalcom International ("Galcom") was founded in 1989 by three Christian businessmen Ken Crowell, Harold Kent, and Allan McGuirl (photo) to share the Gospel in unreached parts of the world by audio communication ("Gal" means "commit" in Hebrew, and "com" is from "communication").

Galcom builds Christian radio stations in remote locations, and distributes solar-powered radios to be used to listen to their broadcasts. Galcom also distributes solar-powered audio Bibles and radio-audio Bible combination devices. To date, Galcom has distributed over 1.2 million such devices, including audio Bibles in over 4,000 languages, in 150 countries.


1.  Galcom gets the Gospel into unreached people right away.

Instead of taking years, even decades, to translate the Bible into indigenous languages and then teaching illiterate people to read, Galcom's radios fix-tuned to a Christian radio station and audio Bibles share the Gospel right away with illiterate indigenous people.

2.  Galcom is doctrinally conservative.

Many of its devices are loaded with 5 years of J. Vernon McGee's Thru the Bible content.

3.  Galcom exponentially amplifies the impact of each radio missionary.

Each Galcom radio tower can broadcast the Gospel to everyone who has its radios within a radius of up to a hundred mile, and each radio can be used to reach an entire household, if not an entire village.

4.  Galcom can reach the most unreached and the poorest.

Because they are solar-powered, Galcom radios and audio Bibles can take the Gospel to the deepest jungles and other places off the electricity grid. And since no disposable battery is required, even those who can't afford it can continue to use the devices.

5.  Galcom doesn't waste money on fancy headquarters building.

Galcom USA is headquartered in this rented office space:

Galcom USA

Galcom Canada is headquartered in this rented industrial space:

Galcom Canada

6.  Most Galcom leaders are unpaid volunteers.

The only paid full-time Galcom employee is Executive Director Tom Blackstone, whose 2019 salary of $71,721 is modest for Tampa, Florida. Everyone else, including the chairman, the remaining co-founder and the entire board of Galcom are unpaid volunteers.

7.  Galcom has no manufacturing labor cost.

Its devices are made by volunteers in Canada.

8.  Galcom has no delivery labor costs.

Its devices are delivered to the field by volunteering short term missionaries. Leaders who volunteer lead others to volunteer.

9.  Galcom trusts God for funding.

Galcom has no fundraisers and no fundraising spend, apart from its annual banquet for supporters and volunteers (see below).

10.  Galcom's financial statements are refreshingly transparent.

When there is nothing to hide, full details are displayed for all to see.

From 2019 Report TOTAL FIELD MGMT.
Contributions $361,843    
Grants $352,411    
Interest Income $       253    
TOTAL REVENUE $714,507    
Audio Bibles $243,684 $243,684  
Radios $  95,277 $  95,277  
Combination Units $  81,561 $  81,561  
Radio Outreach $  33,355 $  33,355  
Donations $  27,869 $  27,869  
Legacy Project $    8,820 $    8,820  
Missions $    7,980 $    7,980  
Travel & Meals $    6,257 $    2,672 $    3,585
Miscellaneous $    1,001 $       390 $       611
Depreciation $    1,019   $    1,019
Salaries $  99,573   $  99,573
Payroll Taxes $    7,618   $    7,618
Office Rent $  17,924   $  17,924
Office Expenses $    8,833   $    8,833
Banquet $  21,996   $  21,996
Professional Fees $    5,150   $    5,150
Insurance $    2,515   $    2,515
Postage $    1,991   $    1,991
TOTAL EXPENSES $672,423 $501,608 $170,815
% of Total Expenses   75% 25%

Galcom is a refreshing yet increasingly rare reminder that a missionary organization can grow to share the Gospel with millions of people around the world and still remain humble, frugal and faithful to Christ.


1.  Galcom is too small.

The commas in the table above should move one, even two places to the right.

2.  Galcom is facing a generational leadership change.

Of the three co-founders, Ken Crowell and Harold Kent already have been promoted to heaven and Allan McGuirl is 84 years old (as of 2021), while Chairman Gary Nelson is 81 years old.


1.  Far more support should flow to Galcom (

2.  Be exceedingly vigilant to pass Galcom onto a new generation of servant leaders who have the heart of Crowell, Kent, McGuirl and Christ, lest it fall like Voice of the Martyrs or Open Doors.