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Generation Z

Generation ZGeneration Z refers to the 2.5 billion young people born between 1999 and 2015. In countries with high internet and smart phone penetrations, Generation Z is the first generation in history to have grown up attached to digital media.

In the United States, the Generation Z tops 70 million, and as the statistics below indicate, is sexually vulnerable and spiritually lost. Further below are the steps that must be taken now to reach the Generation Z before it is too late.

69% of Generation Z teens say it is ok to be born one gender and feel like another.
30% of Generation Z teens say they know someone who changed their gender identity.
12% of Generation Z teens identify their sexuality as something other than heterosexual.
  7% of Generation Z teens identify themselves as bisexual.
46% of Generation Z teens say "I need factual evidence to support my beliefs."
23% of Generation Z teens say hypocrisy among Christians is a barrier to believing in God.
20% of Generation Z teens view Christianity as negative and judgmental.
13% of Generation Z teens claim to be atheist, compared to 7% of Millennials.
  4% of Generation Z teens have beliefs that qualify them as having a Biblical worldview.

One in 4 girls and 1 in 6 boys were sexually assaulted before reaching 18 years of age in 1990 (source: Finkelhor, D., Hotaling, G., Lewis, I. A., & Smith, C. (1990). Sexual abuse in a national survey of adult men and women: Prevalence, characteristics and risk factors. Child Abuse & Neglect 14, 19-28.). Three decades later, in a world awash in pornography and with fewer mothers at home to protect the children, 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 5 boys are likely to be sexually assaulted before reaching 18 years of age.


1.  Mothers need to return home.

A football team loses if everyone plays offense and nobody plays defense. The Biblical model for the family is for the father to 'play offense' - labor outside the home to provide - while the mother 'plays defense' at home, raising and protecting the children. Mothers need to set aside their independence, feminism, self-expression through career, and return home to be with their children, who need protection from rapists more than toys.

2.  Fathers need to lead and teach the Bible.

Spiritual leadership and teaching children about God is the Biblical responsibility of their father, not their Sunday school teacher or youth pastor. Fathers must learn and teach the Bible to their children (here is a helpful tool), and walk their talk.

3.  Eradicate video games.

Video games are violent, addictive, and waste time that needs to be redirected to Bible reading, prayer, worship, and serving God.

4.  Block sin-glorifying media.

Parents must take drastic measures to shield their children's eyes, ears and minds from the pornographic, violent, blasphemous and other sinful content pouring through television, movie screens, computers and phones, including via social media.

5.  Choose or create Biblical K-12 schooling.

The public schools have become intolerably anti-Christian, so children need to attend Biblical K-12 Christian schools or be homeschooled using a Biblical curriculum.

6.  "Christian" colleges must repent and live up to their name.

Most Christian colleges today are Christian in name only. They need to purge the many wolves in doctoral robes who now sit in tenured chairs, and return to upholding the proven wisdom of the Creator over the dubious theories of creatures.

7.  Children need to be taught, not entertained, at church.

Instead of being babysat by energetic but spiritually immature youth pastors, children need to be taught at church by mature Christians who have the spine to Biblically answer the hard questions that today's kids ask, and teach the true Gospel.