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Generation Z

Generation ZWho are the Generation Z?

"Generation Z" refers to those born between 1999 and 2015. As of 2018, the leading edge of Generation Z are 18 year-old teenagers. Across the world, 2.5 billion children and teenagers comprise Generation Z.

America's Generation Z are the 70 million children and teenagers, the oldest of whom are now leaving home to enter college. The statistics below, summarized from a recent study,* represent Generation Z in America.

What are the beliefs of Generation Z?

69% of Generation Z teens say it is ok to be born one gender and "feel like another."
66% of them say "a person can be wrong about something that they sincerely believe in."
57% of Generation Z teens use screened devices (eg. smartphone) 4 or more hours daily.
50% of Generation Z teens are non-white.
46% of Generation Z teens say "I need factual evidence to support my beliefs."
30% of Generation Z teens say they know someone who changed their gender identity.
29% of Generation Z teens say the existence of evil is a barrier to believing in God.
26% of Generation Z teens use screened devices 8 or more hours daily.
23% of them say hypocrisy among Christians is a barrier to believing in God.
22% of Generation Z teens say they are agnostic or not affiliated with any religion.
20% of Generation Z teens view Christianity as negative and judgmental.
20% of them say conflict between science and the Bible is a barrier to believing in God.
13% of Generation Z teens claim to be atheist, almost double the 7% of the millennials.
12% of Generation Z teens identify their sexuality as something other than heterosexual.
7% of Generation Z teens identify themselves as bisexual.
4% of Generation Z teens have beliefs that qualify them as having a biblical worldview.

Below are the 10 steps to reach and impact Generation Z with the True Gospel.

1.  Mothers must return home

The Biblical model for the family is for the father to 'play offense' - labor outside the home to provide, while the mother 'plays defense' at home - raising and protecting the children. Mothers must "sacrifice" their independence, self-expression through career, feminism, and return home to raise their children, who need the 24/7 protection more than toys in this increasingly wicked and adulterous generation.

2.  Fathers must lead and teach the Bible

Spiritual leadership and teaching the children about God is the Biblical responsibility of their father, not their Sunday school teacher or youth pastor. Fathers must learn (click here) and teach the Bible to their children everyday and walk their talk 24/7.

3.  Schools must have Bible study and prayer

Man-made laws, including the Constitution, must be clarified or amended to have God's law be taught in our public schools through Bible study and prayer. Otherwise, the schools should be defunded and the children homeschooled using a Biblical curriculum.

4.  Christian colleges must become Christian

Most private colleges in America, including Harvard and Yale, were founded by Christians to provide Christian education. Over time, wolves with academic pedigrees infiltrated and leavened the whole lump. Today, the majority of Christian colleges are Christian in name only while others mention Christianity in passing as an irrelevant vestige of their distant past. The tenured wolves must be purged from Christian colleges, which must return to and impart the proven wisdom of the Creator instead of the disputed theories of creatures.

5.  (Youth) pastors must pastor, not entertain

Today's children are less innocent and develop faster intellectually than past generations. Church policies that isolate them from Godly adults and rely on energetic but spiritually immature youth pastors who in turn rely on fun and games should be replaced by mature Christians who have the knowledge and the spine to Biblically answer the hard questions that today's children pose, and clearly teach the True Gospel.

6.  Eradicate video games

Video games are designed to be addictive and they succeed. At best, video games waste time, which God gave us to serve Him. At worst, they fill the mind with violence. Since video game playing is only detrimental and never constructive, it must be eradicated and replaced with Bible reading, prayer, worship, and serving the Lord.

7.  Qualify all other screens

The vast majority of the content on television and internet is also at best a waste of time, and worst violent, pornographic, blasphemous and sinful in other ways. If a child tearfully insists on ingesting rat poison, should parents acquiesce? Parents must do whatever it takes to keep children from ingesting Satan's poison that is pouring into their eyes and ears through television, computers, and phones, including via social media.

8.  Teach God's Truth and evidences

The Word of God is the sword of the Holy Spirit, and only His sword has the power to defeat Satan. Four Spiritual Laws, "health and wealth prosperity gospel," "seeker friendly gospel," "easy believism" and all other heresies, as well as hypocrisy in the church, must be exposed and abolished. In their place, we must teach the entirety of the Bible, including the True Gospel, the abomination of non-heterosexuality, and how scientific advances prove more and more of the Bible to be true. After all, 66% of our children do not associate sincerity with truth and 46% want facts to support their beliefs (see above).

9.  Pour Godly content through screens

Most churches view the internet as an advertising tool to drive local foot traffic into the pews, where offerings are collected. Churches must pour the above content through the internet, which must be recognized a global spiritual battlefield in need of more Christian soldiers. Christians must also press the governing authorities to stop Google from blocking Christian content from reaching us and our children (see Is Google Anti-Christian?).

10.  Repent and pray

"If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land." (2 Chronicles 7:14)

"Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; unless the Lord guards the city, the watchman stays awake in vain." (Psalm 127:1)