Underground Church In China

China's Underground Church

Underground Church in China

Underground Church In China

Underground Church in ChinaThe phrase, 'underground church in China' conjures up images of the Christians in China hiding underground in caves. Is this still true for the underground church in China?

While China's underground church did hide and worship in caves during Mao's Cultural Revolution and even afterwards, the average "underground church" in China today is only just underground or even above ground.

In regions governed by Communist Party bosses who persecute Christians, the underground church still remains underground. But in areas governed by more favorably disposed party bosses, the 'underground' church worships fairly openly with tacit approval from the local government officials.

Some 'underground' churches now making newspaper headlines for openly challenging the government for the right to have their own building attests to the progress made. In fact, in China, underground churches are no longer referred to as, "underground churches" but rather "unregistered churches" or "house churches".

Also, a common misperception in the West is that all underground churches in China are biblical while all Three Self churches are unbiblical. This is untrue.

While many underground churches in China are biblically sound, there are also many that are not, including those lost in charismatic chaos and/or the wealth & prosperity "four spiritual laws" false gospel, as well as cults like Eastern Lightning, New Testament Church, and Shouters.

The greatest need in the underground church in China today is not free Bibles or money, but Biblical teachers who can exegete the Bible and teach the true gospel from the Word of God.