Shouters Cult


ShoutersShouters refer to a number of different groups around the world, including in North America, The Caribbean, Africa and China. While the reason they are called the Shouters is quite obvious, what they are shouting isn't. In fact, those who are in or originate from China ("Shouters") are members of a dangerous cult, and they are also known as the "Yellers," "Local Church," "Recovery Church," "Assembly Hall," and "Assemblies."

Shouters are an offshoot of Watchman Nee's Little Flock in China and were led by Nee's student, Changshou Li (right), who called himself "Witness Lee" and moved from China to Taiwan, and then to the United Stated, where he died in 1997.

Witness Lee taught the satanic lie that humans - creatures - were divine like God, whom he claimed wasn't triune (see explain the Trinity):

"God can say to His believers, 'I am divine and human,' and His believers can reply, 'Praise You, Lord. You are divine and human, and we are human and divine.'" - Witness Lee, The Triune God to Be Life to the Tripartite Man, pp. 51-52 (1990).

"The Son is the Father, and the Son is also the Spirit ... and the Lord Jesus who is the Son is also the Eternal Father. Our Lord is the Son, and He is also the Father." - Witness Lee, Concerning the Triune God, pp. 18-19 (1973).

"Christ is of two natures, the human and the divine, and we are the same: we are of the human nature, but covered with the divine. He is the God-man, and we are the God-men. He is the ark made of wood covered with gold, and we are the boards made of wood covered with gold. In number we are different, but in nature we are exactly the same." - Witness Lee, The All-Inclusive Christ, p.103 (1989).

Witness Lee taught that the Shouters is the only true church, teaching or preaching from the Bible is unnecessary, and that Shouters can save people simply by making them say "O Lord" three times:

"We have seen that to reach the unbelievers, no preaching is necessary. If we help them say "O Lord" three times, they will be saved. If they open the window, the air will get in. All they have to do is to open their mouths and say, "O Lord, O Lord." Even if they have no intention of believing, still they will be caught!" - Witness Lee, Stream Magazine, Vlll: l, Feb l, 1970, 6.

"We do not need the Bible study classes; we need the weeping classes to weep for the spiritual poverty and deadness." - Witness Lee, The Stream.

Shouters are also taught that a Christian can continue to sin "all the time," and then burn in the "eternal fire" that apparently doesn't punish eternally:

"If a person has become a Christian but his hands or feet sin all the time, he will suffer the punishment of the eternal fire in the kingdom of the heavens. He will not suffer this punishment eternally, but will suffer it only in the age of the kingdom" - Watchman Nee, The Gospel of God, Vol 3. p 443.