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New Testament Church

New Testament ChurchThe New Testament Church (NTC) is a pseudo-Christian cult founded by a Hong Kong-based Chinese actress named Kong Duen Yee in 1963, three years after she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

After Kong Duen Yee died in 1966, her daughter, Ruth Cheong took over the New Testament Church until her husband convinced her of her mother's heretical beliefs and teachings. They left the New Testament Church and moved to the United States.

The next and current leader of the New Testament Church is Elijah Hong (above), who exported the New Testament Church to China and to other countries around the world from his base in Taiwan. Elijah Hong claims that he is the last prophet, his New Testament Church is the only true church, and all other churches and nations are satanic.

According to Hong, the true Mount Zion is a plot of land in Taiwan's Kaohsiung county, to where adherents of the New Testament Church are pressured to move after selling their assets and bringing the proceeds with them. Once they arrive at the compound, they labor without pay growing organic produce that are sold for the organization's profits while their young children are pressured to "fast" for days at a time.

The modest titles Elijah Hong has given himself - "Latter-day Elijah," "Chief Apostle," "God's Chosen Prophet of All Nations" - are matched by the modesty of his declared goals:

"To rule for God, end human kingdoms, realize God's kingdom, accomplish God's redemption, usher in the kingdom of the millennium, and bring about the new heaven and new earth." -