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Churches In China

Churches in China(continued from Three Self Patriotic Movement)

But on average, the Three Self churches in China continue to be plagued by shallow or unbiblical teachings.

Additional issues plaguing the Three Self churches in China include the following:

•  While many Christians in the poor house churches and even poor Three Self churches in rural China still lack Bibles, affluent Three Self churches in China's major cities are emulating Western mega-churches and using God's money in unbiblical ways. Above is Chong Yi Church, considered China's first mega-church, in the affluent city of Hangzhou. The 42 million Yuan spent on this real property could have bought 4.4 million Bibles for poor Chinese Christians in the rural house churches.

(To its credit, Chong Yi Church does use funds to at least support other Three Self churches. Some of the other large Three Self churches, especially on China' affluent eastern seaboard, horde cash or use it on community programs favored by the local Communist Party bosses to maintain good guanxi (relationships) with them.)

•  Due to the Chinese Communist Party's one-child policy and prohibition against evangelizing or baptizing anyone under 18 years of age, most Three Self congregations are ageing, and many of them are trying to attract more young people, including college students, through entertainment and social activities instead of the true gospel.

•  Three Self churches include the Seventh Day Adventists. Rewarded for being one of the first to fall in line with the Chinese Communist Party, the Seventh Day Adventists have flourished in China. They occupy over a thousand churches across China, and under the Three Self umbrella, pass themselves off as a legitimate Protestant denomination.

•  Because being Christian in China still often means lack of promotion, demotion or the termination of employment, many Chinese men, still the principal breadwinners for their family as well as for ageing parents, do not feel they have the "luxury" to become Christian, at least not openly. This has skewed Three Self congregations heavily female, even more than in the West. The disproportionate number of female preachers at China's Three Self churches preach to mixed audiences in violation of 1 Timothy 2:12.