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Chinese BibleThere are four problems with the Chinese Bible.

First, the Chinese Communist Party still restricts Chinese Bible printing. Second, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) does not allow the Chinese Bible to be sold at bookstores in China. Third, the CCP uses the Chinese Bible a surveillance tool with which to track Christians. Fourth, there is still no Chinese Bible that accurately translates the original text.

More pressing today than the need for more Chinese Bibles is the need for an accurate Chinese Bible.

Presently, there is no Chinese Bible that uses modern Chinese to accurately translate the original Bible, written in Hebrew and Aramaic for the Old Testament and in Textus Receptus Greek for the New Testament.

The Chinese Union Version (CUV), by far the most widely read Chinese Bible today, serves as an example. Published in 1919 using vocabulary now considered archaic, the Chinese Union Version translates into Chinese the B.F. Westcott and F.J.A. Hort's 1881 English translation of the Codex Sinaiticus.

Amity PrintingIn recent years, Westcott and Hort have been exposed as 19th century New Age occultists who together founded four occult groups, including those that used séances and mediums to contact the dead. And the ancient Sinai region of Egypt, where the Codex Sinaiticus was discovered, is recognized as the original hotbed of Gnosticism, the first pseudo-Christian cult that denied Jesus' incarnation, death and resurrection.

The only group that still uses Westcott & Hort's 1881 English translation that was translated into the Chinese Union Version is the Jehovah's Witnesses.

There is an urgent need for a Chinese Bible whose New Testament translates the original Textus Receptus into easily understood modern Chinese, or one that at least translates into modern Chinese either the New King James Version (NKJV) or the King James Version (KJV), both of whose New Testaments are the English translations of Textus Receptus.

This work should be done by born-again Christians who are experts of the Chinese language and the original texts, and who will be controlled by the Holy Spirit, not the Chinese Communist Party or the desire to profiteer from the world's largest and the fastest growing Bible market.