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Chinese Communist Party

Chinese Communist PartyThe Chinese Communist Party has 75 million members and the majority of those joining the Chinese Communist Party today are hand-picked top students at China's universities.

The Chinese Communist Party also has done a better job of managing China's economy than most Western governments have done to manage theirs. And it is protected by China's armed forces, whose soldiers pledge allegiance to protect the Chinese Communist Party, not China.

Given its seeming strong position, why does China's Communist Party still behave as if it lacks confidence in itself and its future?

There are 2 reasons for its lack of confidence.

A. There are few true communists left in the Chinese Communist Party.

Ever since Deng Xiao Ping declared that to get rich was glorious, capitalism has been winning the hearts and minds of the Chinese, including Party members. Communism is still taught in schools and is the official reason for Party meetings, but very few of its members actually believe in communism today and most join the Party not because of its ideology, but because Party membership opens doors to jobs, promotions and other economic benefits.

B. Its legitimacy relies on results, not process.

Political parties that rule democracies do so because more people voted for them than for their rivals. China's Communist Party does not have that legitimacy and therefore has been staking its right to rule on its relatively astute stewardship of China's economic growth.

There are two threats to this position: (1) the widening income gap between the rich and the poor; and (2) an economic crash. The former would eventually cause the poor to rise up. In case of the latter, few would stand with the Party; many members already complain about not receiving enough from the Party in return for their dues and loyalty.

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