China Scandal

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China Scandal

China Scandal

China Scandal(continued from China Threat)

While scandals involving inadvertently tainted food arise occasionally in the West, scandals involving intentionally tainted food are incessant in China.

Recent scandals in China include poisonous chemicals being used to make pork look and taste like the more expensive beef or to mask the dilution of milk with water, and steamed buns being stuffed with ground-up cardboard instead of ground meat. An estimated 10% of all restaurant meals in China are cooked in discarded sewer oil used as cooking oil (above), and an estimated 10% of all rice in China is laced with heavy metals from pollution.

Who would want to live in a such a society?

Apparently not those with the means to leave. A recent survey of 20,000 Chinese with investment assets of at least 100 million Yuan (about $15 million) showed that 74% of them had left or were considering leaving: 27% already had emigrated while another 47% were considering emigration.

This unprecedented financial and brain drain is expected to continue as the income gap continues to widen and the pollution, food scandals and corruption continue unabated.

Is there anything that can stem this tide?

The only antidote, and one that can not only stem but reverse this tide, is Christianity. When they become Christians, students stop plagiarizing, government officials stop taking bribes and business-men stop cheating. Instead, they become honest and industrious, obey the law, and pay their taxes.

The positive effect that Christianity has on society is why some Chinese government officials have curtailed their persecution of Christians. They astutely observe that the only force strong enough to hold the Chinese society together in the accelerating rat race is Christianity.