Isaac Oluwole Newton-Wusu

Accused Pedophile Who Heads Voice of the Christian Martyrs Nigeria

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Isaac Oluwole Newton-Wusu

Isaac Oluwole Newton-Wusu is the Director of Voice of the Christian Martyrs Nigeria. Isaac Oluwole Newton-Wusu is accused (click here) of raping and impregnating the orphan girls who seek refuge in the Voice of the Christian Martyrs Nigeria-run Stephens Children Home in Abeokuta, Nigeria, and then forcing them to kill their unborn children via abortions.

The photo of Isaac Oluwole Newton-Wusu on his page of the Stephens Children Home website is of him as a boy:

Isaac Oluwole Newton-Wusu

Isaac Oluwule Newton-WusuHere is a recent photo of Isaac Oluwole Newton-Wusu.

When a determined American church confronted Voice of the Martyrs about Isaac Oluwole Newton-Wusu's alleged crimes (watch their video) in 2016, Voice of the Martyrs neither reported Isaac Oluwole Newton-Wusu to the Nigerian police nor took measures to protect his alleged victims or the other girls at the Voice of the Martyrs-financed orphanage. Instead, Voice of the Martyrs handed over $100,000 worth of land, buildings and vehicles to quietly and quickly sever ties with Voice of the Christian Martyrs Nigeria (click here for victim testimony videos).

2019 UPDATE: Pressured by the growing attention, the Attorney General of Nigeria's Ogun state arraigned Isaac Oluwole Newton-Wusu at Ogun High Court on February 20, 2019 on five counts of rape. Newton-Wusu pleaded not guilty and was released on bail. He died six months later.