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Master of Divinity

Master of Divinity

Master of DivinityMaster of Divinity ("MDiv"), the most common degree seminaries confer, has become the de facto prerequisite for the pastorate, with devastating impact. Here are five reasons why the Master of Divinity must be abolished.

1.  Master of Divinity is unbiblical.

In 1 Timothy 3:2-7 and Titus 1:6-9, God laid out these 25 qualifications for those who are to lead His church:

"husband of one wife"
"rules his own house well"
"having his children in submission with all reverence, not accused of dissipation or insubordination"

"of good behavior"
"a lover of what is good"
"have a good testimony among those who are outside"
"holding fast the faithful word as he has been taught"
"able to teach"
"able, by sound doctrine, both to exhort and convict those who contradict"

"not a novice"
"not given to wine"
"not violent"
"not quarrelsome"
"not self-willed"
"not quick-tempered"
"not covetous"
"not greedy for money"

Churches today overlook these God-mandated qualifications and instead rely on a man-made credential, the Master of Divinity. This has led to pulpits being filled with novices, some whom have yet to have, let alone raise, children, even women and homosexuals, who teach doctrines of men rather than the Bible, watch pornography, are greedy for money and contradict nobody who can put it in the offering plate.

2.  Master of Divinity is Satanic.

Only God is divine. Lucifer, an angel, tried to become divine and turned into Satan, the enemy of God. While Satan tried to attain divinity, even he never claimed to be "Master" of it. Anyone who hangs a framed certificate over his head claiming to have attained "Master of Divinity" is guilty of a blasphemy worse than Satan's, and "academic terminology" will be no defense before the judgment seat of God.

3.  Master of Divinity programs don't uphold the Bible.

Master of Divinity programs teach the doctrines of the denomination(s) that finances them. Where those doctrines diverge from or conflict with the Bible, they uphold the doctrines of the denomination(s), who occupy seats on the seminary's board. At most seminaries, even more liberal and unbiblical than the boards are the faculty, many of whom are unsaved and some of whom are Satan's brightest minions who have intentionally infiltrated where future shepherds gather to pump them with humanism, psychology, philosophy, and attacks against the Bible. Many saved seminarians confide that their goal shifted from learning to surviving seminary with their faith intact.   

4.  Master of Divinity programs produce cowards.

Armies send their best-trained troops to the fiercest frontlines. Master of Divinity holders supposedly are the best-trained troops in Jesus' army, therefore should go to the fiercest frontlines, the likes of Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and Sudan (see Free Burma Rangers). But almost none head in that direction. A few head for safer mission fields, while the vast majority stay home, in safety and comfort, and aspire to become the senior pastor of  a (mega)church. The size of their congregations, the amount of collections, and the appearance of their church buildings dominate seminary reunion conversations. 94% of all ordained pastors in the world today minister in English, the official language of only 9% of the world population.

5.  Master of Divinity holders do more harm than good in the mission field.

The few who do head to the mission field tend to arrive arrogant, immediately try to boss around indigenous pastors, some of whom have been serving God before the young "Master" was born, import prosperity "gospel," Four Spiritual Laws, some other heresy or the latest man-made strategy from the West, and then return home after three or four years, having successfully leveraged their few years in the mission field to fast-track themselves into comfortable pastor positions back home, as intended. 


1.  Abolish the Master of Divinity programs and name, and burn all existing Master of Divinity degree certificates.

2.  Task each church's pastor and elders to train up men until they meet God's 25 requirements above. They can take (online) correspondence courses to exegete in the original languages.

3.  When the men are ready, keep one to succeed the pastor when he retires, and send the others to frontline mission fields.