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Master of DivinityThe Master of Divinity degree is a recent invention. Until the 1960s, young men who felt called to pastor went directly from high school to seminary to earn a Bachelor of Divinity. When secular academic degrees became inflated in the 1970s, seminaries joined the trend and re-branded their Bachelor of Divinity as the Master of Divinity, which then became the de facto prerequisite for shepherding a church. For the reasons below, the Master of Divinity must be replaced with the system described further below.

1.  "Master of Divinity" is Satanic.

"Divinity" means "deity" or "the quality of being divine." Only God fits that definition, yet we are conferring degrees that claim people have become the "Master" of deity or the quality of being divine. Lucifer the angel tried to become divine and turned into Satan, the enemy of God. While Satan tried to attain divinity, even he never claimed to be a "Master" of it. Some claim "divinity" means "study of God," but this is incorrect since the"study of God is "Theology" - the "study" (logy) of "God" (Theo). And since nobody can claim to have mastered the study of God, "Master of Theology" wouldn't work either. Anyone who keeps, let alone hangs over his head, a "Master of Divinity" diploma is guilty of a blasphemy worse than Satan's, and "just an academic title" will be no defense before God.

2.  Master of Divinity is extra-Biblical.

In 1 Timothy 3:2-7 and Titus 1:6-9, God laid out these 25 requirements for those who are to lead His church:

"husband of one wife"
"rules his own house well"
"having his children in submission with all reverence, not accused of dissipation or insubordination"

"of good behavior"
"a lover of what is good"
"have a good testimony among those who are outside"
"holding fast the faithful word as he has been taught"
"able to teach"
"able, by sound doctrine, both to exhort and convict those who contradict"

"not a novice"
"not given to wine"
"not violent"
"not quarrelsome"
"not self-willed"
"not quick-tempered"
"not covetous"
"not greedy for money"

Overlooking these God-given requirements and focusing on the Master of Divinity degree has filled Western pulpits with novices, some whom have yet to have, let alone raise children, are greedy for money and contradict no one who can put it in the offering plate.

3.  Master of Divinity programs don't teach what it should.

A pastor must be able to exegete (correctly draw meaning out of) the original texts of the Bible, yet woefully little of Master of Divinity programs is aimed at fostering this critical ability. Instead, philosophy, psychology, ethics, history, culture, the business of running a church or ministry, etc. comprise the bulk of Master of Divinity curricula, while the doctrines of the denomination(s) that financially support the seminary infuse its courses on systematic theology (topical understanding of the Bible) and hermeneutics (interpretation of the Bible). Where those doctrines diverge from the Bible, the seminary teaches the doctrines of its financial supporters, who sit on its board trustees.

4.  Master of Divinity programs are taught by many who must not teach.

At most seminaries, even more liberal and unbiblical than the board is the faculty, which includes the unsaved, women (see below), and some of Satan's brightest minions who sit in tenured chairs and poison the minds of future shepherds. Many saved seminary students confide that their goal shifts from learning to surviving the program with their faith intact.

5.  Master of Divinity programs teach those whom God has not called.

Today, about 30% of the students in Master of Divinity programs are women, whom God forbade from teaching men - "I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man" (1 Timothy 2:12) - as pastors or seminary faculty. Even worse, a growing number of students are homosexuals and others who engage in sexual "abomination" (Leviticus 18:22), who are now being allowed to form LGBTQ student groups on campus.

6.  Master of Divinity programs produce cowards.

Armies send their best-trained troops to the toughest frontlines. As the best-trained troops in Jesus' army, Master of Divinity holders, most of whom are men, should serve in frontline mission fields. Yet, women comprise 85% of all single missionaries in the field today. While women missionaries battle on the frontlines, the supposedly best-trained men are staying home, playing video games, watching pornography, and whining about declining offerings at seminary reunions.

7.  Master of Divinity holders do more harm than good in the mission field.

The few who do head to the mission field after graduation tend to come with a chip on their shoulder, and then set about to boss around indigenous pastors, some of whom have been in ministry longer than the newcomer has been alive. They also bring in the prosperity false gospel, charismania, other heresies, the latest seeker-friendly gimmickry, and then soon leave, having successfully rounded out their resumes, as intended, to land a comfortable position back home.


1.  Replace all existing Master of Divinity diplomas with "Bachelor of Theology" diplomas, and issue the latter going forward; there is no harm in having two bachelors degrees.

2.  Burn all Master of Divinity diplomas and repent for the blasphemy.

3.  Remove all women and homosexuals from seminary faculty, eliminate the tenure system, individually question and terminate all faculty who believe the Bible is errant.

4.  Remove all women and LGBTQ from the student body.

5.  Strip away all worldly "wisdom" from the curricula and rebuild them around Biblical exegesis and the Gospel.

6.  Upon completion, require all graduates to serve at least 3 years in frontline (e.g., Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Sudan) mission fields (see Free Burma Rangers).

7.  When they return, appoint as pastors only those who meet God's 25 criteria above.