Mission Field

Mission Field - China

Mission Field

Mission FieldWhile mission fields abound across the world, China a special mission field today.

What makes China a special mission field?


90% of China's 1.4 billion people are not Christian, not because they have rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but because most of them have yet to hear it.


Despite the need to evangelize over a billion people, China's sole seminary annually graduates only 70 students, while the house churches, prohibited from having seminaries, have overstretched pastors, many of whom are young in the Lord. A massive field is ripe for the harvest but the laborers are few indeed.


Missionaries who went to China a century ago met much apathy and resistance. Some were called white devils, beaten, chased out of villages and/or martyred, while others toiled for decades without seeing much fruit.

Times have changed and the hard ground the Lord broke through their labor has become soft. While the gospel shared in the developed world now tends to bounce back, the gospel shared in China takes root, grows and bears fruit with speed and frequency seldom seen in the West today.


The Lord's lampstand is burning bright in China today but there is no guaranty on how long its brightness will last. As China gets richer and as wealth & prosperity false gospel and charismatic chaos seep in from the West, the flame is already starting to flicker in some of the wealthy cities on China's eastern seaboard. The time to harvest is now.