How To Become A Missionary

How To Become A True Missionary

How To Become A Missionary

How to Become A MissionaryDo you feel called to become a missionary and are you now wondering how to become a missionary?

If you ask around on how to become a missionary, the answers typically will include raising support, contacting missions boards, learning languages, etc.

But before researching how to become a missionary, it is imperative that you double check to see if you are truly ready to be one. Here are four crucial questions:

A. Will you be carrying forth the true Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Will the thrust of what you carry abroad and share be about sin, hell, repentance, Christ's atoning death, resurrection, salvation and sanctification? Or will it be about health, wealth, prosperity, the "four spiritual laws," Bible-contradicting signs, wonders and your personal tales?

If the latter, please kindly stay home. Hell-bound souls need Jesus and His salvation for the eternity, not tales, emotionalism or how to live their best life now - things that too many "missionaries" already focus on and which make it more difficult for the true gospel to penetrate later.

B. Can you exegete the Bible?

Missionaries are spiritual warriors who must wield the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. Mission fields, including China, are rife with demonic religions, pseudo-Christian cults and heresies. If you cannot wield a sharp sword of the Lord in that spiritual battlefield, you will be unable to defend yourself or your flock, let alone attack the enemy to expand the Lord's kingdom.

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